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BMC Helix Dashboards: Creating a basic report

Recently someone asked if it was possible to create a basic report using BMC Dashboards – a table report with columns such as Incident number, summary, customer name, assigned group, priority, status, etc. And yes, those reports can be created! For example, here is a...

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Smart IT: Asset Actions

Attaching Users to Assets I was chatting with a co-worker the other day, and we were saying it would be nice if there was an easier way to attach a user to an asset in Smart Recorder. We didn’t come up with a solution, although we put an idea out there (...

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How can BCM bring value to my organization?

Personal Experience It's a common question, right? You go to management to say, "We really need BMC's Client Management tool," and they say, "Why should we spend the money to get it?" It's a valid question but one that's not always easy to answer. ROI is not...

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Columns on the Remedyforce CMDB Details Tab

Someone asked me about how to control what columns show up on the Remedyforce CMDB Details tab - for Tasks, for example. At first, I scratched my head and thought, "I have no idea!" (Yeah, that's my go-to for a lot of questions.) Here is my CMDB item with a linked...

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Using Footprints for Simple Project Management

We had a customer who needed to track some IT projects to see what their spending was going to be over the next few fiscal years. Their company-supplied tool was more complicated than they needed. They asked us for ideas, and we put together a Proof of Concept. Note:...

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Custom LDAP Import; AD Account Creation

Custom LDAP Import We all know that Remedy aka the AR System (the platform that ITSM is built upon) has LDAP import built into it. To quote from the documentation: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) provides a standard method for accessing information from a...

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Have you seen Call Logs in Smart Recorder?

Did you know about Call Logs in Smart Recorder? Came out in version 19.02, if I did my searching correctly. If you already know about them – stop reading! But if you didn’t notice them… keep on reading! The idea is that, when taking a call in Smart Recorder, you have...

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Preventive Maintenance with Footprints

Goal In earlier versions of FootPrints, scheduling preventive maintenance was somewhat complex, with its own section in the application. In FootPrints 12, configuring preventive maintenance schedules has been streamlined. To schedule maintenance for specific items,...

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