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ITIL/DevOps Simulations & Workshops

DTX-i Digital Simulation

RightStar has partnered with SXP, the Digital Transformation Simulation (DTX-i), to bring you a unique opportunity to experience the next generation of IT enterprise business simulations. DTX-i is a highly immersive, virtual, single-player strategy simulation that engages and educates individuals at scale.  This web-based experience provides insight to technology leaders and their organizations about the core components and landscape of Digital Transformation. It simulates a complex enterprise business model that educates players on the strategic Digital Transformation choices facing organizations and gives instant feedback on their impact on organizational performance.

What to Expect

There is a strong business context, and the simulation offers the chance to explore the enablers of key business imperatives, such as:

  • Customer Centricity
  • Organizational Agility
  • Speed to Market
  • Increased Quality
  • Reduced Risk
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Increased Stability & Resilience


  • Show the strategic challenges that organizations face in enterprise Digital Transformation
  • Give insight into the key success factors that should be considered in Digital Transformation, such as stability, agility, customer experience, and key financial indicators
  • Give an experience of technology practices and the tools that enable Digital Transformation
  • Give an insight into different ways of working, such as ITSM, DevOps, Agile, and Lean
  • Demonstrate the need for whole enterprise collaboration, raising awareness of the potential upstream/downstream impacts of siloed thinking and decision making
  • Show the enterprise-wide impacts of decisions that might be made in the real world

How does it work?

As the Transformation Director for Global Air, your mission is to lead a legacy business into a new digital paradigm where it can compete at the top of the market. You must analyze data and execute a number of actions across the IT enterprise to improve business performance. In so doing, you will have to consider, experiment, and observe the impact of your choices and how they might play out in the real world.

DevOps Simulation Workshop

RightStar’s DevOps Simulation is a half-day, role-based workshop focused on the software development and deployment lifecycle. Presented in partnership with G2G3, the simulation is highly realistic and leverages game dynamics to empower cross-functional teams with a shared vision of successful DevOps principles. Participants are immersed in a simulated environment whereby they are challenged to release new products while internal and external forces continually change. This realistic approach delivers a level of tension and excitement that creates an “A-HA!” moment for all involved.

Benefits of the DevOps Simulation

  • Accelerates adoption of DevOps across the enterprise
  • Turns DevOps opponents into advocates
  • Clearly communicates the DevOps case for change
  • Accelerates a positive DevOps culture
  • Creates shared understanding for Development and Operations around how to work together as a high
    performing cross-functional team
  • Provides new practices that can be executed with immediate effect

MarsLander ITIL 4 Simulation

RightStar’s MarsLander Simulation is a 5 hour role based workshop, applying the concepts of ITIL 4 to a real-world scenario where the team must launch a rocket to Mars, bring it to Mars, and collect data for research. Presented in partnership with GamingWorks, the simulation is highly realistic, and leverages game dynamics to empower cross-functional teams with a shared vision of successful ITIL 4 principles. Bringing a MarsLander to Mars requires a high level of service delivery capability. There is a lot more software involved. To effectively manage the service delivery we need to work as teams, ensuring software, hardware, and services are in sync and able to respond rapidly to changes.

This simulation is about exploring and experiencing how you can transform your current IT organization into a more Agile and Lean organization. The following aspects will be experienced and discussed:

  • How can service teams help and how to create high performing teams
  • How can we visualize our work, using KanBan
  • How can we increase the flow of work
  • How can we integrate vendors into our services
  • How to work closer together with development
  • How to continuously improve our services
  • How to become a flexible service organization that respond rapidly to changing demands
  • How to become more customer focused, and develop this ‘customer thinking’ into our teams
  • How to effective manage workload (end-to-end) and how to reduce unplanned work
  • How to increase customer and employee satisfaction

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