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BMC TrueSight Vulnerability Management

Fast track security – fixes in minutes, not weeks

TrueSight Vulnerability Management helps security and IT operations teams prioritize and remediate risks based on potential impact to the business.

Get actionable data with cross-functional visibility

  • Powerful dashboards highlight vulnerability data, performance trends, and SLA compliance for quick prioritization of remediation tasks
  • Streamlined workflows match vulnerability scan information with remediation tasks, leveraging TrueSight Server Automation and Microsoft SCCM
  • Blindspot awareness enables you to identify areas of your infrastructure which are not being monitored, leaving you exposed
  • Rapid import lets you quickly consume vulnerability scanning reports with native integration to Qualys, Tenable, and Rapid 7
  • Data export enables deep analysis and custom reports to help meet audit requirements and fuel process improvements

Integrated and automated response to security risks

Eliminate vulnerabilities quickly by automating manual tasks to accelerate analysis, planning, and remediation execution

  • Provide a “to do” list to address risks based on policy and business impact
  • Automate the labor-intensive process of matching identified vulnerabilities to needed remediations
  • Understand business context of vulnerabilities and schedule remediation to fit agreed upon maintenance windows
  • See the status of work in progress, so you can focus on open vulnerabilities without duplicating effort
  • Eliminate unknown vulnerability access points with blindspot awareness enabled by integration with Helix Discovery
  • Manage the complete enterprise through a single tool enabled by integration to systems management products like TrueSight Server Automation, TrueSight Network Automation and Microsoft SCCM

Isolate and focus on the most critical fixes first

Drastically reduce the time required to address critical vulnerabilities

  • Gain visibility into assessed risks, planned actions, and burndown rates to more actively manage remediation activities across the organization
  • Eliminate vulnerability access points with blindspot awareness including previously unscanned targets enabled by integration with BMC Discovery
  • Track key stages of the vulnerability lifecycle to provide detailed KPI and trend analysis of where processes are failing
  • Supply auditors and stakeholders with the data to show process performance and success in addressing vulnerabilities
  • Monitor both server and networking infrastructure through same tool

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