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Atlassian Confluence

Create, organize, and discuss work with your team. Collaborate with ease.

Spend less time hunting things down and more time making things happen. Organize your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place.


Create anything your team needs  on the web so everyone can contribute.


Give feedback on any Confluence page or file with inline and pinned comments.


Give every team, project, or department its own private secure space to store work. 


Capture all the infor that’s scattered among email inboxes and countless apps in the same place.

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Confluence + JIRA Software = Better Products

Connect with JIRA Software and give everyone transparency between the issues tracked in JIRA and related content in Confluence — product requirements, project reports, roadmaps, and more.

Best practices out of the box

Confluence provides the foundation for your basic needs with pre-made templates to get you started.
Skip straight to the important part, getting work done.

Product Requirements

Create dynamic requirements docs that link to JIRA, so everyone has full details.

Meeting Notes

Have more productive meetings with a clear agenda and tasks for follow-up action items.

File lists

Organize and share the files you need for your projects in one spot.

How-to articles

Help your company document solutions and provide self-service answers or step-by-step support.

See and try Atlassian Confluence today!

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