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Live Agent in Helix (Remedy) ITSM 

Live Agent in Helix (Remedy) ITSM has been around since version 19.08; it’s been through a few iterations but is now available in the Smart IT interface as well as the Mid-Tier screens. Live Agent (Chat) enables users to chat directly with a support agent rather than...

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How to use PowerShell in BCM (Collect Custom Inventory)

This article was originally published on the BMC Community Client Management blog.   I have been working with a specific BMC client for a very long time, and he has been using BMC Client Management to the fullest as well as others that work alongside him." He was...

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Making the Move to Atlassian Cloud with RightStar

Making the Move to Atlassian Cloud: Why RightStar is Your Ideal Partner As a leading collaboration and project management tool provider, Atlassian offers cloud-based solutions designed for modern teams. Transitioning from server or Data Center to Atlassian Cloud...

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