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Yellowfin BI: It’s Smart Reporting, just Smarter!

RightStar TeamAugust 15, 2023
YellowFin BI BMC Reporting

As BMC has initialized its end-of-life plan for BMC Smart Reporting for Remedy, BMC customers now have an exciting opportunity to convert their reporting and analytics to Yellowfin BI, which is the foundation for Smart Reporting.

 Below are just a few of the advantages of upgrading BMC Smart Reporting to Yellowfin BI: 

  • No Disruption: Keep using your existing reports and dashboards.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Bring more data into your dashboards and combine data from other internal systems.
  • Access even more features: From Data Governance approval workflows to Presentations and Stories, bring your data to life faster, smarter, and safer.
  • Improved Dashboarding Capabilities: The latest Yellowfin brings faster performance, new charts and dashboard visualizations, and integration capabilities for other systems.
  • More Choice: Keep all the Smart Reporting features you are used to, and also have the option of running Helix Dashboards where they make sense. It’s not a binary choice!
  • Self Service: enable your Business Users to continue to access self-service functionality, which is limited in the Helix Dashboard option 

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