Manage IT client devices from
receiving to retirement

BMC Client Management gives you a single, unified console to centralize the lifecycle management of all your client devices. You’ll be able to discover and manage devices (no matter where they are), audit their hardware and software inventory, push patches, and deploy software to them whether they’re on a LAN or over the Internet – without the need for a VPN.

With BMC Client Management, you’ll have access to an incredibly powerful set of integrated tools for patch management, inventory management, remote desktop management, deployment management and compliance management with the option to converge your asset and service management tools for a total IT management solution.


The BMC Client Management suite of tools consists of the following software modules:

Discovery and Inventory
Automate inventory tracking, reduce manual processes, and maintain compliance.

OS and Application Deployment
Centralize and automate system deployment or migration — with no configuration — for minimal disruption.

Software License Management
Reduce costly audit failures by understanding software license usage and the associated financial liabilities.

Patch Management
Centrally assess, manage, deploy, and report on patches to ensure that systems are secure and that the integrity of your business is never compromised.

Event Management
Extend monitoring and custom alerting capabilities to proactively track, manage, and automate remediation when key infrastructure events occur.

Financial Asset Management
Make informed decisions to optimize spending and eliminate compliance penalties.

Policy Compliance
Reduce the hassle associated with monitoring IT assets and defining policies, and provide auditors with records of compliance levels from a centralized console.

Remote Management
Securely manage routine desktop management tasks with administrators being able to detect, diagnose, and resolve PC issues without leaving their desk.

Power Management
Lower energy bills and reduce the environmental footprint associated with PC energy consumption and easily establish return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) with granular power management settings.

Device Management
Centrally define and enforce your device usage policies, control upload and download activity, log peripheral device events for proactive response, and audit any unwanted activity.

Puts pre-approved software and access requests in the hands of the end user without going to any websites and without submitting any forms. It’s the app store for the desktop – IT can advertise available software applications, advanced actions and quick links for the end-users to access on their schedule, not IT’s.

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