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Atlassian Statuspage

The #1 status and incident communication tool

The best way to keep customers and employees informed during downtime

Whether it’s a server issue, a bug in production or a DDoS attack, the truth is that downtime happens. Launch your Atlassian statuspage and avoid overflowing support emails during an outage. Get in front of incident communication so your team can focus on fixing the problem.

Public pages for customers

Give your customers the insight they need by displaying the status of each core component of your service.

Private pages for employees

Give employees one source of truth and let them opt-into relevant notifications. Hook your private page up to SSO, automate away with your monitoring tools, and never reply to a “what’s the status” email again.

Downtime happens. Be prepared with  Statuspage.

Create Your Components

Whether it’s your website,  an API, or the WiFi in the office, display the status of all the different services within your infrastructure and operations.

Decide on Common Language

Store responses for common incidents using Incident Templates. No more scrambling for the perfect thing to say when systems go down.

Enable Subscriptions

Get ahead of the mile-long support queue during an outage. Let users subscribe to email and SMS notifications for your whole system or individual components.

Make it Yours

Easily customize
the look and feel of your status page. Make your users feel at home by using your companies approved  logo, brand colors, CSS, and HTML.

See and try Atlassian Statuspage today!

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