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Digital Transformation with RightStar

Digital transformation is a continual and holistic evolution worthy of formal strategic and tactical attention, with dedicated funding, roles, and expertise. Here is what we know:


  • All organizations go through similar stages during transformation, albeit at different paces.
  • Most organizations begin with “agile” and “DevOps,” thinking that digital transformation falls to IT and Development teams.
  • Implementation of DevOps will not be your biggest challenge.
  • Expert coaching is critical to minimize risk.

The Race Against Digital Darwinism: Six Stages of Digital Transformation,” published by Altimeter @Prophet, authors Brian Solis with Jaimy Szymanski, a maturity framework to advance technology roadmaps, business models, and processes to compete in the digital economy.

Many of our customers come to us after grass-roots digital transformation efforts tangle and stall. Champions and heroes share stories of incremental pockets of success yet lament over cross-functional dysfunction. Pieces and parts of DevOps tool implementation and agile team practices do not sum to a whole of enterprise innovation and adaptation. Investment in tools is not producing higher customer delight, and teams are still suffocating under the weight of a huge backlog. Change agents are exhausted. Leadership is frustrated. Common themes of “politics, ego, and fear” emerge as the main obstacles to success. Ironically, these are also the obstacles that prevent an organization from investing in expert transformation help.

No matter where you are in the Six stages of digital transformation maturity, RightStar will help you advance your transformation initiative. Our experts in digital transformation can help you lead your organization through the formalized, strategic, and converged states to a high-performing, Innovative, and Adaptive enterprise. Whether at the team, program, or portfolio level, we will start where you are, and work with you to design a simple and practical roadmap to get you where you want to be. Typical steps in the roadmap include:


  • Coach leadership to develop a lean-agile mindset that will support and accelerate your transformation with confidence. One person cannot do it all.
  • Re-establish portfolio governance to support the value prioritization and funding
  • Map your customer’s journey to define and prioritize transformation strategies
  • Leverage pockets of experimentation to evolve a more holistic vision/transformation roadmap
  • Optimize and automate to streamline operational costs and increase the ability to provide value to the customer
  • Engage customers and motivate teams to harness innovation at scale
  • Implement change management strategies to shape new infrastructure through the solidification of roles, expertise, models, processes, and systems.
  • Promote digital literacy as the new cultural norm
  • Establish Data and Analytics to extract insights and promote adaptive agile decision-making

    Early Transformation Discovery


    • Early Transformation Discovery
    • 10 hours leadership coaching
    • “Next Step” targeted roadmap

    Agile-at-Scale Pilot


    • 2-day Leading SAFe Training
    • 4 days of role training (DevOps, POPM, ScrumMaster)
    • 2 Day Team Training
    • 3-day PI Planning Facilitation
    • Team Tool Configuration (optional)

    Lean Governance and Leadership


    • 2-day Lean Portfolio Management Workshop
    • 2-day Value Stream Workshop
    • 20h PMO/CoE Consulting
    • Portfolio/Program Kanban Tool Configuration (optional)

    Lean-Agile Coaching


    • 10h Coaching PI Pre-Planning
    • 3-day RTE Coaching
    • 10h Product Management Team Coaching
    • 10h DevOps Team Coaching
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