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BMC Helix Optimize

Optimize IT resource cost and capacity with continuous insights and automated actions

BMC Helix Optimize helps IT organizations effectively plan for changes in business demand and continuously optimize both IT cost and capacity.

Get ahead of changing business demands
  • Plan for changes in business demand with advanced analytics
  • Predict budget over-runs and resource bottlenecks
  • Optimize on-premises and cloud resources and cost
  • Simulate the migration of on-premises workloads to the cloud
  • Visualize business service resource use and cost
Make informed decisions with visibility and insights into IT resource use and cost
  • View IT resource use and cost across your hybrid environment
  • Identify risk, efficiency, and cost of IT resources by business services, applications, or technology
  • Create self-service views of cloud cost or resource use that meet the needs of your stakeholders
  • Visually identify applications, technology, or other resource groupings to manage with BMC Helix Discovery integration
  • Gain daily insights into your cloud resource use and spend
Optimize IT resources and cost without introducing risk
  • Right-size IT on-premises and cloud resources with automated recommendations
  • Automatically identify idle resources for termination
  • Establish power schedules for recommended workloads
  • Automate optimization actions for immediate cost savings
  • Reduce cloud spend with recommendations for reserved instances
Plan for continuous improvement to reduce risk to business services
  • Plan for migration to the cloud with right-sized recommendations, cost comparisons, and performance comparisons
  • Reserve resources for future use with a current and future view of available resources
  • Model changes for consolidating data centers or decommissioning resources
  • Determine placement for new VMs with automated recommendations
Use machine learning to stay ahead of resource and cost constraints that can affect your business service
  • Detect compute, storage, and network constraints before they cause application slowdowns or failures
  • Use business KPIs to forecast resource needs for upcoming changes in demand
  • Automatically alert budget owners of potential spending anomalies and budget overruns
  • Manage cloud budgets with forecasting based on usage and spending patterns
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