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TrueSight Server Automation

Quickly and securely provision, configure, patch, and
maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Cross-platform server automation for better security, compliance, and agility.

  • Patching: Support maintenance windows and change management processes to ensure the timely execution of patches
  • Compliance: Integrate role-based access control, pre-configured policies for CIS, DISA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, NIST, and SCAP, documentation, and remediation
  • Configuration: Harden deployments, detect and remediate drift, and manage change activities to ensure stability and performance
  • Provisioning: Bare-metal through full application stack deployment via unattended installs, image-based, script-based, or template-based provisioning
  • Reporting: Assess change impact, get real-time status of jobs, or complete an audit using multiple dashboard views

Provision, configure, inspect, update, audit, and secure cross-platform servers with a single, multi-platform solution that improves administrator efficiency.

  • Perform ad hoc administrative tasks such as configuration inspection, virtual machine creation, or snapshot creation, all through a single interface
  • Run network shell (NSH) commands or your pre-existing scripts across multiple platforms, to automate end-to-end tasks
  • Provision servers with flexible methods including unattended, image-based, script-based, or template-based installs
  • Accelerate delivery of software updates or full applications as part of DevOps processes
  • Capture gold master images and apply to other servers and then manage deviations

Automate the patching process including patch acquisition, analysis, deployment, scheduling, installation, and change tracking.

  • Download patch catalog information from vendors or third parties and analyze servers
  • Create smart groups representing applications or business services with separate patching jobs
  • Schedule patches to fit maintenance windows that meet business needs
  • Use ad hoc tasks or Network Shell (NSH) to automate rolling patch implementations for clustered servers
  • Get real-time status of patch jobs in process
  • Integrate with ITSM to open and close change tickets automatically

Drive greater consistency, security and reliability through policy-based application of operational, security, and regulatory guidelines.

  • Harden deployments and maintain compliance with a full cycle of system discovery, drift detection, remediation, and reporting
  • Achieve compliance twice as fast with pre-configured policies for CIS, DISA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, NIST, and SCAP
  • Integrate with change control to create historical, auditable records to check compliance of any system at any time
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