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Live Agent in Helix (Remedy) ITSM 

RightStar TeamAugust 7, 2023

Live Agent in Helix (Remedy) ITSM has been around since version 19.08; it’s been through a few iterations but is now available in the Smart IT interface as well as the Mid-Tier screens. Live Agent (Chat) enables users to chat directly with a support agent rather than needing to submit a ticket. (Note: this is not the same as Virtual Agent – Chatbot – although at the end of a Virtual Agent session, the user can ask to be connected to an agent via Live Agent.)


Features for the Support Agent include:

  • Accepting a chat
  • Transferring a chat if needed
  • Responding with canned text to speed up the interaction
  • Sending and receiving attachments
  • Inviting other agents into the session
  • And creating Incidents or Work Orders when the Chat is complete


For a quick look, here’s a video on RightStar TV:

If this sounds like something your organization can use, please see the configuration link here:


And, of course, you can always contact RightStar,using the form to the right, if you need additional help or if you have questions about the feature.