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Overcoming Migration Procrastination Part 2: Trusting Atlassian Cloud

RightStar TeamAugust 31, 2023

Atlassian’s self-managed single-node Server option will end in Feb 2024. In this blog series, we will discuss why you may have yet to switch to Atlassian Cloud.

Security, reliability, privacy, or compliance concerns may have kept you from using SaaS cloud products. But Atlassian’s Cloud has you covered, providing resilience at scale, comprehensive data protection, and centralized administration. Today, let’s explore trusting the Atlassian Cloud.

Atlassian Cloud Architecture

Atlassian Cloud’s architecture, reliability, and performance allow you to focus on your business projects and innovation. Atlassian handles the infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about it. The Atlassian Cloud lives on a robust enterprise-grade infrastructure run and operated by Atlassian. Atlassian ensures maximum business resilience with its Cloud, built and operated in a multi-tenanted microservice architecture hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Atlassian Cloud Infrastructure

Atlassian’s Cloud infrastructure provides high availability and failover to ensure your team stays online and on track, data recoverability to keep your data safe with quick recovery, and a service level agreement policy that meets industry standards and your business requirements. You can even see real-time status updates for all Atlassian’s Cloud products on a dedicated Status Page. The Atlassian Cloud provides performance and scale that allows you to scale up or down to provide a performance experience that keeps your teams, business units, and geographies connected while meeting your organization’s evolving needs.

Atlassian Cloud Data Protection

Atlassian Cloud’s comprehensive data protection ensures that your data is secure, private, compliant, and available. Atlassian’s platform and processes follow security best practices for a layered approach to protect your data, using tools such as the detections program, secure software development, and external penetration testing, paired with a growing set of controls to help you safeguard your data. Atlassian’s approach to identity and access management allows you to limit privileged access and take a zero-trust approach to protect your users and data by applying the same organization-wide IAM principles across Atlassian products using Atlassian Access to connect an identity provider, enforce SSO and MFA, manage external user security, and more. Since ensuring data privacy is critical for organizations handling sensitive data, 

Atlassian provides multiple layers of protection to allow you to manage how and where your data is accessed, with controls like data residency to support your data privacy requirements. And since Atlassian maintains a standby replica in different availability zones for redundancy and failover capability, you are empowered with data recovery capabilities, such as backup and restore manager, site/product delayed deletion, and site resurrection.

Centralized Administration

To empower your organization’s admin with visibility, control, and standardization across Atlassian’s enterprise-grade platform, the Atlassian Cloud provides centralized administration across all of your Atlassian Cloud tools. As a built-in mission control center, Atlassian Cloud administration offers the customizations, insights, and controls that your administrators require to effectively manage the needs of your teams across Atlassian Cloud products. Atlassian monitors and reports to provide actionable insights into your organization’s and teams’ activity. User management in the Atlassian Cloud allows you to create, maintain, and control your teams’ access across your entire organization. You can customize the lifecycle of Atlassian products to fit your needs with offerings such as Atlassian’s multi-instance model, tailored Atlassian admin APIs to suit your needs and use cases best, and sandboxes with release tracks to allow you to customize your change management approach. 

Time to Act

So, it’s easy to see that you can trust the Atlassian Cloud to strengthen your infrastructure resilience, security, compliance, admin control, and more! Look at Atlassian’s Trust Center today if you still need some convincing that Atlassian Cloud has you covered. 

In the following parts of this series, we’ll tackle more of the reasons you may still need to move to Atlassian Cloud or why you may think Cloud isn’t for you. But again, remember, now may be the time to act. We’d be happy to speak with you today about your Cloud migration needs and how we can support your move to the Atlassian Cloud. Just reach out to us at [email protected]. We can help!

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