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Custom LDAP Import; AD Account Creation

RightStar TeamFebruary 2, 2023

Custom LDAP Import

We all know that Remedy aka the AR System (the platform that ITSM is built upon) has LDAP import built into it. To quote from the documentation:

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) provides a standard method for accessing information from a central directory. A common use for LDAP is user authentication. After a user is set up in the LDAP directory, they can use the same username and password to log in to any application that supports the LDAP protocol.

BMC Remedy AR System provides these LDAP plug-ins:

AR System Database Connectivity (ARDBC) LDAP — Accesses data objects stored in a directory service as if they were entries stored in a typical AR System form. You can search for, modify, and create data in a directory service using this plug-in. You can also use the data in workflow and populate character menus and table fields.

AR External Authentication (AREA) LDAP — Authenticates AR System users against external LDAP directory services.

But sometimes – that just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to do more with that data. Recently, RightStar has had several customers who needed a custom LDAP integration. So, we built it! It uses Pentaho Spoon (Atrium Integrator), so it can be used with any source of data that Pentaho Spoon can reach.

Here is a sample of the console:

And a sample Pentaho Spoon/Atrium Integrator job:

Active Directory Account Creation

How many times do we hear the need to automatically create AD accounts from Helix ITSM/Remedy? We set this up for a customer using an AR System form, AR Workflow, and AD Templates. In our POC, we used PowerShell scripts, but in a Production environment, we would recommend using Java and making it an AR Plugin. Basically, fill out a form in the back end or in DWP, and the Account is created, along with appropriate groups. The appropriate AD Template is selected based on the role that the user picks when they fill out the form.  Of course, a similar workflow can be done to modify or delete accounts!



Image 5


If you have been looking for solutions in either of these areas, contact your RightStar Sales rep or email [email protected] to get a quote!

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