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Jira Align for Delivery Teams

Maximize your team’s results

The challenges often include:

  1. Wrangling complicated data sources to synchronize information from various sources to create a somewhat accurate status report.
  2. Motivating the team when the connection of their work to strategy is murky at best.
  3. The awkward anticipation of communicating the reality of the development schedule relative to some shaky timing commitments made months ago.

Jira Align solves this by:

  1. A single source of data that integrates seamlessly with Jira, TFS, Rally, and many other tools. Goodbye, janky status reports!
  2. The ability to visualize and connect work at the Team level to the greater company strategy, so that everyone has equal access to the same information.
  3. The confidence that our reporting is solid, up to date in real time, and easily delivered to execs in formats they love.

Features Product Delivery Teams Love

Check out these awesome features to keep your sanity intact!

Sprint analysis 

Coaching report that details the team plan at the beginning of the sprint in contrast with the result. 

Sprint Team Metrics See statistics such as velocity, story splits, team emotion, sprint goals, and more, across all sprints in a single view.

Quality Management

Get a visual snapshot of quality for each product line per release with defect and test case breakdowns.

Sprint Progress Tracking

A detailed view of sprint progress per story, including status of acceptance criteria and task breakdowns.


Periodic progress review and reflection by the team to derive ideas to improve the process.

Detailed Team Progress

View detailed sprint progress metrics, including time used and scope increases that could impact on-time delivery.

Explore the benefits for other roles in your organization

Portfolio Management

Communicate the value of funding strategic initiatives to investors, analysts, and employees.

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Product Management

Manage idea intake, prioritize your feature backlog, and track progress with live road maps.

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Program Management

Track and resolve program risks, impediments, and dependencies and keep everyone informed.

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Release Train Engineers

Ensure programs run smoothly and resources are perfectly allocated to nail on-time delivery.

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Ensure initiatives maximize value, right­size scope and stay within budget from end to end.

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Drive the value of your high-level mission and vision while connecting strategy to execution.

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Delivery Teams

Execute against sprint work that tracks back to your high-level strategy.

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Transformation Teams

Drive digital transformation with a framework customized to scale agile in your enterprise.

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