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Jira Align Transformation Teams

Transform faster. Drive better results.

The challenges often include:

  1. Keeping all the people happy by embracing the right framework or hybrid with big hugs all around.
  2. How to empower everyone, regardless of their role, to participate in meaningful ways.
  3. Having to rally the troops with fire and brimstone in pursuit of the gauntlet of Continuous Improvement.

Jira Align solves this by:

  1. Supporting all the Agile-scaling methods you could possibly envision so that aligning to your organization’s documented Agile-development practices is a snap.
  2. Delivering an inclusive digital transformation lifecycle management platform that everyone embraces, loves, and uses with dedicated consistency.
  3. Ridiculously great slide–out coaching cards that shed light on Agile ways of working through the system. 

Features Transformation Teams Love

Experience the game-changing ways that the Transformation management features bring mental peace and stability to your programs. 

Embedded coaching and training 

Provide the right help at the right times in the Jira Align Peloton-like approach to content (live & on-demand).

Progress checklists

Provide step-by-step live guidance during repeatable processes as new people are ramping into the flow.

Framework Mappers

Map the activity for each step of the framework or method being implemented to Jira Align in a visual map of your process.

Kanban boards

View process step Kanban boards for all of your work items–stories, features, capabilities, epics, and themes.

Capability planning Manage features tied to a capability, track overall progress, and review feature burn-ups.
Inspect and adapt  Conduct a periodic progress review and reflection by the team to derive ideas to improve the process.

Explore the benefits for other roles in your organization

Portfolio Management

Communicate the value of funding strategic initiatives to investors, analysts, and employees.

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Product Management

Manage idea intake, prioritize your feature backlog, and track progress with live road maps.

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Program Management

Track and resolve program risks, impediments, and dependencies and keep everyone informed.

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Release Train Engineers

Ensure programs run smoothly and resources are perfectly allocated to nail on-time delivery.

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Ensure initiatives maximize value, right­size scope and stay within budget from end to end.

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Drive the value of your high-level mission and vision while connecting strategy to execution.

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Delivery Teams

Execute against sprint work that tracks back to your high-level strategy.

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Transformation Teams

Drive digital transformation with a framework customized to scale agile in your enterprise.

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