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Jira Align Program Management

The program management team’s road to agility

The challenges often include:

  1. Having no good way to get up-to-the-minute insight so that we know how close we are to on-time delivery.
  2. The crazy cobweb of dependencies and risks we have to manage between multiple programs.
  3. The maniacal need to ensure resources are perfectly allocated and smoothly balanced, shifting work between teams like butter.

Jira Align solves this by:

  1. Providing a sharp program dashboard with forecasting, simulation, risk tracking reports, and much more. Finally, we can send reports with exactly the right information, updated to the minute, like *poof*!
  2. Delivering a stunning visualization of program cross dependencies, program managers previously only dreamed of.
  3. A deeply satisfying, comprehensive view of resource allocation across projects, with an uncanny ability to spot inefficiencies and gaps that can be swiftly resolved.

Features Program Managers Love

Observe greatness in action and check out the amazing stuff we have in place for the Program Management Team to succeed! 

Program Board

Visualize the agreement between product management and the development teams on what functionality will be delivered when in the current or upcoming quarter or release.

Forecasting and Simulation

Predict possible outcomes of your decisions and assess the impact of risk, allowing for better decision making under uncertainty.

Program Tracking

One-page view of the status of all Agile objects, including risks, dependencies, objectives, epics, and features.

Rolledup Progress  Get a full picture of everything being developed from the epic level all the way down to the task level.
Strategic and financial alignment Allocate investments to strategic themes and epics needed by the business to deliver financial results.

Multi-tiered Roadmaps 

Manage complex dependencies across programs and teams to ensure smooth handoff and integrations.

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Portfolio Management

Communicate the value of funding strategic initiatives to investors, analysts, and employees.

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Product Management

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Program Management

Track and resolve program risks, impediments, and dependencies and keep everyone informed.

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Release Train Engineers

Ensure programs run smoothly and resources are perfectly allocated to nail on-time delivery.

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Ensure initiatives maximize value, right­size scope and stay within budget from end to end.

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Drive the value of your high-level mission and vision while connecting strategy to execution.

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Delivery Teams

Execute against sprint work that tracks back to your high-level strategy.

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Transformation Teams

Drive digital transformation with a framework customized to scale agile in your enterprise.

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