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Who is using my licenses?

RightStar TeamAugust 6, 2019

We’ve all been there. We’re trying to allocate fixed licenses – let’s say for Asset Management – and we’re told they are all in use. And our question is “Who the heck is using them?”

Turns out there is an easy way to find this out. First, open the User form. I usually do this through hacking the URL. So if my URL is something like this:


I take out everything after the “forms/brock003” and replace it with User – like this:


(Note: if you take off everything after “forms” you’ll get to your full list of forms, which can be useful!)


This brings up my user form in search mode:


What you do next somewhat depends on what you are looking for; but I’m going to look for Asset Management Fixed, and I’m on the latest version of ITSM, so I go to the Application License field and, from the drop down, choose BMC Remedy Applications and BMC:Asset Mgmt User Fixed.

If you don’t have the pick list – if you have a free form text box – or if you aren’t sure how your licenses are stored, you can do an unqualified search using % and see what the field is holding. Once you know how your licenses are stored, you can enter it into the free form text box or select correctly from the picklist.

NOTE: If using the picklist – after selecting a license type – remove the semi-colons on either end to get the best search.


And now after hitting the search button in the top left – I get my users who have these licenses.


This is a fast way to find out who is using a particular license type; I hope it’s useful.


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