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What is HR Case Anyway?

RightStar TeamDecember 29, 2022

I know you’ve seen it referenced; you’ve gotten emails from us, RightStar Systems, as well as from BMC. But sometimes marketing can be a little vague; you might even have ignored it (but don’t tell our marketing team that!)
So I thought I’d take this end-of-year time to discuss it in a bit more detail.

First note – HR Case is built on the AR System platform, the same platform that the Remedy ITSM solution uses. Why is that a benefit? If you are already using Remedy ITSM, you already have the administrative skills to manage the HR Case solution! That makes it easier to bring in and implement than a solution built on a different platform. That also makes it easier to connect your current People data to the HR People data (if you want to). It also uses Smart Reporting, so you have one reporting tool for both solutions.

Second note – this is about managing cases – tickets – that would go to human resources. That seems intuitive, but it’s important to know what this is – and what it isn’t. It isn’t an HR solution like Peoplesoft, where you manage people’s data, access, salaries, health care benefits, etc. It’s what you use when they have questions about something in the HR arena. How do I add someone to the benefits plan? I want to give an employee a spot bonus – how do I do that? My overtime didn’t get included in my last paycheck – needs to be fixed. It’s a great solution for HR shared services organizations in particular, but of course, can be used regardless of the structure.

Third point – there are some differences from Remedy ITSM. HR Case has its own solutions database, for example, it doesn’t have to leverage Remedy Knowledgebase. It also has its own approval setup; it doesn’t use the underlying approval server. It’s designed to be very data-driven and easy to administer, even more so than Remedy ITSM.

And the fourth point is – It leverages MyIT – just like Remedy ITSM does. So when your end users access MyIT and search for something – they can see solutions from HR Case just like they see articles from Remedy Knowledge Management. And when the end user selects a service request – it might go to ITSM, or it might go directly to HR Case. Your end user won’t know, but you can be sure the right fulfiller is working on it.
So now for a couple of screen shots just to show you how it looks. First, from the self-service perspective – the following show a search, bringing up a solution, and then bringing up an HR Case request –

Now from the back-end perspective – an agent working a Case with tasks – First the console, then opening a case –

Look interesting? We’d be happy to give you a quick demo! Just contact us through the sidebar form, and we’ll get you connected with your sales rep!

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