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Train your users . . . then train them again!

RightStar TeamMay 28, 2013

The best time to plan Remedy ITSM training for your users is during the initial phases of the project. The people you’ve identified to support the solution may be new to Remedy and the ITSM Suite. You’ll be glad you didn’t wait for the implementation to be completed when your users are ready to get started from day one.

BMC has made great strides with the Remedy 8.1 AR System and ITSM suite of products in streamlining installation and configuration processes.  Recognize that the ITSM Suite includes the Action Request System as well as many individual applications which make up the suite of products.  We highly recommend BMC Remedy AR System and BMC ITSM Suite training to assist in better understanding the AR System and ITSM modules that are included.  If your people are new to the Remedy suite of products, then this training is a must.  If they’re seasoned Remedy administrators, familiar with previous releases of the AR System and Remedy, it is important for them to understand what’s new with the release being implemented. As an example, the steps to modify a form in one release may be different in the next release.  What was considered a configuration may now be a customization.
During a RightStar implementation, our technical resources provide ongoing knowledge transfer sessions.  If your people have had formal training, then these sessions will be even more meaningful and productive in understanding the information being relayed.

Both you and your support staff will reap significant benefits from Remedy ITSM training classes.  Providing training materials tailored to the specific needs of your support teams will prove both time-efficient and cost-effective.  Consider training support staff shortly before going live with the production environment, followed by a quick refresher (e.g., a live online or recorded session) a week or so afterward.  This provides a mechanism for your support staff to review what they’ve learned at the same time they’re working with the toolset. The live, online option would give them the opportunity to ask questions that have arisen during their actual experiences with the solution.

Training is critical to the success of a Remedy implementation; training your staff in advance will lead to a smoother transition to the new toolset.  In return, you’ll appreciate a higher user acceptance rate of the solution.

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