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Tips & Tricks #2: How to reset a lost password in FPSC v11.5

RightStar TeamMarch 9, 2013
Solving For: I have lost the password to my FPSC administrator account. Solution: Overwrite the unknown administrator account’s password hash with a known password hash. Details: If you have lost your administrator password to FootPrints Service Core v11.5, this is how you can reset it to a known value. STEP 1: Log into SQL Server Management Studio and open the Footprints database. STEP 2: Navigate to the dbo.users table. STEP 3: Paste the following hash into the password field for the appropriate account.
  • Password has for the password “root
    • KNiI95fCWzWKw
STEP 4: Verify that the authentication_method field is set to either PRIMARY or SECONDARY depending upon which you have set to internal FootPrints Authentication.VERIFICATION: Verify that you can log in using the account whose password you just overlaid.