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Submitting a Change Request? With SmartIT 1.1 it’s a piece of Cake!!

RightStar TeamMay 26, 2015

Welcome to the world of simplicity! BMC just released SmartIT 1.1 with the new change request persona. This persona is quick, easy, and extremely efficient! It is the solution for complaints about how difficult it is to submit a change request. The interface is intuitive and quick. No more trying to figure out where to put what in the mid-tier change form. This new persona changes the way you’ll do business. It’s available on mobile phones as well as by way of the universal client which is accessed by a web browser, so change requests can be submitted from anywhere at any time.

So what’s new? There is an easy “wizard-like” interface for creating changes with or without a change template. Selecting a change template is as quick as typing a few keywords in and clicking search. Is no template available? The wizard provides the pertinent fields for completing the request from scratch. The wizard helps you enter the pertinent information, e.g. change class, Configuration Items (CIs), risk level, scheduled dates, and business-related documentation.   The wizard also enables you to search for CIs by a variety of different criteria, e.g. type, company, keyword, and owner.

Once you’ve provided a minimum amount of data, you can save the change in Draft status. This is nice because often there is the preparation needed before moving the change request forward. At this stage, you can add incidents, other changes, and tasks. Once the change is submitted, it’s very easy to view where the change is in the process.

So what about approvals? BMC has included change approvals as well. From within the change ticket or from the SmartIT interface, there is functionality built to review and approve changes. From within the change, simply view the request and click approve or reject. From the interface, it’s quick and easy to access and approve change requests.

Implementing SmartIT with the changing persona will go a long way in reducing the complexity of submitting and managing change requests and substantially increase user acceptance and satisfaction with this new solution.

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