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Remedyforce 19.02 Just Released

RightStar TeamAugust 6, 2019

I’ve been waiting for this one! I’ve been participating in the beta cycle of Remedyforce Summer 2019, also known as 19.02, and I like some of the new changes. Here’s my favorites list; which do you like?

Support for Print and PDF options in Salesforce Lightning Experience

It’s back! Those of you using Remedyforce in a Lightning org know that the Print options on the Action menu weren’t there under Lightning – that was an issue with Salesforce. Well, the Remedyforce Developers have brought back the two print options – Print and Print to PDF.  Nice to see them again!


View attachment information of records in the list view of Console

Yes, we’ve been waiting for this one. Now you can see from the Console if a record has an attachment(s). Just need to add an Attachment column to your list of visible columns after the upgrade – and there it is:


Activity feed now includes a tab for configuration items

Now you don’t have to go down to Details to work with linked configuration items! They are accessible from the same place the Activity Feed is.


Support for adding multiple relationships in CMDB

This one may be my TOP TOP favorite! You can now relate multiple configuration items when you are in a CMDB record. Let’s say I want to add a bunch of web servers to my Billing service; before this release, I had to do them one at a time. Now, when I click on the Relationship tab and select New, I have the option to select multiple records. What a time saver!


Restrict attachments from getting added to incidents that are created from emails

Just had a customer ask for this last week! Instead of doing a Pentaho job to delete small attachments that are email signatures and such, it’s now the box functionality. You can restrict them by name or by file type and size. It’s done under Email Conversation settings.


Two-column layout for Service Request forms

I know this has been a much-wanted one since version 3.0 of Self-Service was released. You can now have two-column layouts on your service request forms! From the beta testing, there may be some oddities on where dynamic fields end up, so test it. But here’s a sample:


Dynamic field rendering for “submit a ticket” tickets

This is the last feature I’m going to mention; there are more, so check out the release notes. But I like this one. Do you know how you can have dynamic fields on service requests? Well, now you can have them on the Submit a Ticket form. If you pick a particular Category, for example, you can have the Configuration Item/Asset field show up. See the two screenshots below for a comparison.


That’s it from here! Be sure to check out the release notes for other great stuff like self-service tiles by Account . . .



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