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Last Reboot – Free Query (Using Dynamic Date)

RightStar TeamDecember 18, 2017

Client Management has the ability to use custom queries or you can use the easy “Query Builder” (default).  Sometimes it will be required to use a custom query, BCM calls it “Free Query”, to accomplish the desired results.

I created a document in the BMC Communities for Client Management that will help you understand the process. In the example, I am “CONVERTING” a string to a DATE field so I can use a dynamic date. BCM captures the “Last Reboot” value using a WMI query for the class “Operating System”. I want to use the value of “< 1 week”. This query will also show devices that have not rebooted in more than 1 week. Here is the SQL to accomplish this method:

(CONVERT(datetime,OperatingSystem.ATTR_597030) < DATEADD(week, -1,GetUTCDate())

Here is the link to the full article I posted that fully explains the process:

Last Reboot – Free Query (Using Dynamic Date)

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