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How can I check out the latest Remedy features?

RightStar TeamFebruary 6, 2020

We often get asked by our customers “Can you show me XYZ?” where XYZ is the latest release of something from BMC. We are happy to do that!

But if you have people who want to try things out for themselves, hands-on, I wanted to make sure you knew about the BMC Trial ecosystem.

These are “always on” trials that you can sign up for to test out many BMC products, including Smart IT, Digital Workplace-Advanced, Smart Reporting, Discovery, and more!

Now I hear you asking – how do I get to these? Or how do I send the person who asked for this to these?

Go to https://www.bmc.com/ , and look for the “Free Trials” link –



Click on it; then look at the Products list to see what you want to try!


Caveats: These trials do not allow you to get into the administration of a product; they are meant for users. Most of these are trials through the web, using BMC demo data – not data at your site. However, there may be a couple – such as Remedyforce – that involve you getting access to your trial site. I haven’t tried all the trials myself, so not sure which ones are web-access and which ones involve you getting your software.

This can be a quick way to get others in your organization to see why you want to move to the latest Smart IT, Digital Workplace-Advanced, Smart Reporting, etc.

Of course, RightStar is here to offer full demos of any of the products when you need them.

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