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Enhancing the ITSM User Experience

RightStar TeamMay 9, 2023

As a technology professional, you’re probably familiar with the Sunday Experience. Imagine a typical Sunday morning: You wake up, go for a walk while listening to music on Spotify, come home and read the news in the Washington Post app, and then catch up on your favorite show on AppleTV. You spend your morning moving from one excellent user experience to another. The apps look great, and they’re a joy to use.

But Sunday morning doesn’t last forever. So when you return to work on Monday morning, you’re forced to use stodgy applications with limited feature sets and poor user experience. Unfortunately, in the field of IT, user-hostile apps are often the rule, not the exception. From the help desk to DevOps to disaster recovery, IT teams must endure the pain of poorly designed apps because those apps perform critical business functions. The situation is far from ideal.

You’d prefer your teams to operate more efficiently when responding to tickets, deploying applications, and provisioning cloud infrastructure. When things go wrong, you want your incident response teams to focus on solving the problem rather than wrestling with poorly designed software. And in a world that has rapidly shifted toward hybrid and remote work, excellent user experience is a requirement and no longer just a nice-to-have.

Why the Sunday Experience is Important

The lack of a Sunday Experience is excruciating when working with IT service management (ITSM) software. ITSM applications are notoriously unfriendly to users — the opposite of what you want when IT teams must respond quickly to tickets and incidents.


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Enhancing the ITSM User Experience

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