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Client Management MyApps with Immediate Patch Remediation

RightStar TeamSeptember 1, 2020

This 13 minute video will show how effective and efficient BCM (BMC Client Management) is when properly configured. I will show how a non privileged user can install software on demand and have that software be immediately patched. Using a single Operational Rule (Scripts used by BCM) the user can install software or upgrade the software version. This demo will use various “conditions” that may be present such as “checking” to see if this application is current in use, inform the user to save their work and then continue.

I hope you enjoy this demonstration of the possibilities you can achieve using BCM. If you would like to engage professional services to assist in providing you more personalized solutions or just looking to have a “Health Check” to review how your instance of Client Management is configured and assistance in upgrading to the newest release just email [email protected].

Steve Gibbs
Sr. Systems Consultant
RightStar Systems
BMC Certified – Client Management

bmc Certified Professional