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Client Management 12.1 Hotfix Released

RightStar TeamDecember 30, 2015

Great News! BMC has released their first hotfix for v12.1. This will provide customers still running previous versions of Client Management a more stable upgrade path. Version 12.1 offers much more functionality in two key areas.

The first major improvement is in OS Deployment. This version is a complete overhaul of the module which allows the ability to do PXE boot using regular BIOS and now UEFI. This means using the newer 8.1 AIK vs. the previous WAIK version. If you are currently using OS Deployments, pre-planning is required prior to upgrading so please read through all the documentation and plan accordingly. Additionally, OSD provides the ability to deploy OS using a USB drive no longer limited to just PXE boot implementation.

The second major improvement is found in the Compliance Module. For our customers who require methods to audit and ensure compliance standards and use SCAP as a “Plug and Play” method to verify compliance, “Deviations” and “Exceptions” have been added to better represent how your organization reports its compliance. This added feature will allow for IT Security to better understand how secure the environment really is! Now you can quickly see those devices that have exclusions from various Group Policies with “Notes” explaining the reason(s) why those devices were excluded from the standard hardening. In addition, combined reporting is in the works which will allow customers to combine both SCAP reporting and add Custom Compliance Rules to create a single report allowing for a more seamless method to validate compliance especially during an audit.

It is always recommended to stay as current on versions as possible to maintain the highest level of performance when running Client Management. With this latest release, customers can upgrade and take advantage of all the newest functionality and stability.

In my experience, customers benefit greatly using RightStar’s professional services to assist in both the upgrade process and understanding all the new features provided with every new upgrade.

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Please review for a list of all new features for v12.1

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