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Calculating Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)

RightStar TeamApril 24, 2023

Reporting on MTTR 

There is a long discussion on calculating MTTR here.

But short form: It’s the sum of Resolution time (in days) divided by the number of incidents.

Get the Resolution Time –
  • I’m going to use “Closed Date,” which isn’t quite accurate. If you use “Resolved” status, then you can create a field called “Resolved Date” and set it when Status = “RESOLVED” or other statuses you consider “Resolved”. But I already have a field called Closed Date, so am using it to make it easier for me.
  • I need a field that shows the number of days between Opened Date and Closed Date (or Resolved Date if you set that up). So I created a new Formula field:

BMCServiceDesk__closeDateTime__c –  BMCServiceDesk__openDateTime__c

Add to form
  • I added it to the form under the Date and Time Details Field Set to check that it looked right.
  • You can remove this field after you are happy with it.
Create a report
  • Then I created a report; this is just a sample report showing MTTR by Category; you can play around with other groups, date ranges, etc.
    • I used the “Incidents with Category” report type;
    • I added Opened Date and Closed Date and my new formula field;
    • I grouped the rows by Category
    • I filtered “State Open = False” and “All Incidents” and then Opened Date Previous Fiscal Year (because I don’t have a lot of data in my Demo system)
    • Save the Report
    • Note: you may want to remove tickets that were resolved on the same day (formula field is 0), or you may want to leave them.
    • Click on Create Formula, and add AVG of the new formula field. On the Display tab, I chose All Summary Levels

And here’s the report!

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