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RightStar TeamDecember 19, 2017


In FP v12.1, there isn’t an inherent way of locating a manager’s email address or user ID when a customer is named on a ticket. When setting up an external Address Book that connects to LDAP,  the AD attribute for manager is returned in a Distinguished Name(DN) format. To identify the managers user ID and/or email address, a process must be configured to allow matching of the manager DN field from the customers address book record to the DN of the manager in a SQL view. Once this configuration is complete, then by naming a customer on the ticket and that populates a customer field (User ID) on the ticket, the manager will be automatically selected. The solution used in this case is an exercise that can be formulated to fit any environment. The solution is based on matching the DN of the manager in a customer address book record to the manager DN in a SQL view. Applicability FootPrints Service Core version 12.1.x running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 R2 with Microsoft SQL 2012 running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 R2 Prerequisites
  • Administrator access to FPSC v.12.
  • A workspace container with a ticket item and an address book container item including relationships, email templates, link fields, etc. complete.
  • Dynamic SQL that is Enabled in the FootPrints service desk license.
  • A table or view in the FootPrints database via a linked ADSI server.
  • LDAP connection information which includes the LDAP Server Address, LDAP Server Port, LDAP Base DN’s, Distinguished Name of a user with permissions to read all Base DN’s, Password of the Distinguished Name user. There must be a general familiarity with LDAP attributes.
  • Active Directory with the manager field / attribute populated for ALL users.

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