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Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management

Automating the Management of
Your Computing Infrastructure

The Nlyte DCIM products manage your data center infrastructure with predictive intelligence and the management controls you need to improve operational excellence, reduce risks and achieve more agile, efficient, and highly available data centers.


Nlyte Key Benefits

  • Improves data center operational excellence and optimizes the use of its power, cooling, space, and assets
  • Reduces the cost, time, and risk of migrations and consolidations by up to 50%
  • Decreases the business risk and expense caused by unplanned downtime and catastrophic failure by up to 50%
  • Provides visibility into key performance indicators
  • A single system of record for data center asset information
  • Significantly reduce the cost of executing a technology refresh

Nlyte Key Capabilities


Nlyte allows you to view and manage all the asset information stored in the Nlyte Performance Management Database, enabling you to model your data center move, add and change initiatives before you execute them.


Nlyte has a CAD-style graphical interface that enables you to plan and manage the physical layout of the floors and rooms as well as your assets within your data center. Nlyte’s graphical presentation of this information makes it easy for you to track the asset chain in order to understand where potential issues exist and how to resolve them.


Nlyte has a powerful, intuitive and highly graphical approach to tracing both your power and data connections within your data center.


Nlyte provides a number of predefined dashboards and reports with the flexibility to create, deploy and maintain your own. Through state-of-the-art data visualization, both data center personnel and senior management will gain the critical operational metrics required to manage today’s sophisticated data center facilities.


Nlyte’s capacity planning capabilities  allows you to forecast and predict the future state of your data center’s power, space, cooling and network capacity based on “what if” models.


Nlyte provides the ability to define and manage the execution of service request processes within the Nlyte data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution. Nlyte enables the precise alignment of workflow tasks with the specific resources required to execute those tasks which results in dramatic improvements in overall data center operational efficiency.


Create and manage projects with Nlyte’s patented Intelligent Asset Placement, which allows you to bulk move up to 100 standard servers and chassis to datacenter cabinets. Only Nlyte has the patent on intelligently placing your assets in the data center using a number of parameters – not just mere suggestions and lists of possibilities. Plus, in order to execute, you simple press a button to commit the change – no further work needed on your part.


Nlyte allows you to create and report upon the relationships between your data center resources and the business groups within your organization. You can manage ownership, support and contact information for all data center assets, business applications and software data.


Nlyte enables you to get your asset data out of ad hoc solutions, such as spreadsheets and Visio diagrams, and loaded quickly at a minimal cost, to populate the Nlyte Performance Management Database and keep it up-to-date.


Nlyte Smart Blueprints is a technology that allows users of the Nlyte DCIM system to store design elements ranging from as small to a server or rack upto an entire data center. Equipment, configurations and connections for network and power can be stored and replicated – all for rapid design while leveraging existing best practices for any number of use cases.


The Nlyte NgageAPITM is a rich web-based interface that enables third-party solutions to be quickly integrated to the core Nlyte Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution using standard web programming approaches.


The Nlyte Integrator, a general purpose NgageAPI-based connector, enables a variety of integration options specifically for connecting devices and integrating applications with the Nlyte DCIM suite.

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