Designed to integrate with BMC Remedyforce on the Salesforce platform, Cloud Coach gives your team the enterprise project management and productivity tools it needs to make everyday tasks a whole lot easier to manage.

Project Management

Turn your opportunities into projects: you’ve just closed out a big deal and now it’s time to initiate the delivery process. With Cloud Coach, the process couldn’t be simpler. Hit the ‘Create Project’ button on your opportunity and our easy to use wizard will guide you through the new project creation process.

Even better, your new project will automatically be linked back to both your opportunity and its account so your salesforce and support teams can see the progress of your project delivery.

Find the right people for the job

Whether you are located in the same office or scattered all over the globe, finding the right resources at the right time is always a challenge. Cloud Coach’s professional services automation for Salesforce gives you a skills based resourcing engine to help you manage your people no matter how big your team is:

  • Tag resources with their skills and locations
  • Designate working hours for your team
  • View availability at the project or task level

See who is working on what

If you are looking for a holistic way to visualize loads across your organization, Cloud Coach has got you covered with our professional services automation for Salesforce. With a single resource load view across all your resources, with drill down by location, department or project:

  • Organization wide ‘traffic light’ resource loads
  • View by day, week, month
  • What / If’s Resourcing at Project Level

View upcoming capacity

Planning ahead in your organization is key to keeping your delivery of business objectives on schedule. To do this, you need to know what skills could become bottlenecks in your Salesforce business so you can source extra resources or re-prioritize items. With Cloud Coach you get:

  • Skills based capacity planning
  • See committed and available capacity at a glance
  • View by day, week or month

Track costs and manage billing rates

Tracking your internal cost of delivery and accurately billing your clients is key for any professional services automation organization. At Cloud Coach we have leveraged our experience of billing systems to create an advanced rating engine to support all your delivery related needs:
  • Track loaded costs per employee
  • Apply project and task specific rates
  • Report out on a per project basis

Hassle free time tracking

Cloud Coach makes the time entry process as painless as possible for your users while bringing a new level of accuracy to the data they capture and giving you the key information you need to report on accurately.

  • Multiple ways for users to track time
  • Automated time approval process
  • Track time on your Project, CRM & ITSM work

Track your resource utilization

With Cloud Coach, you can automatically track your employees billable and non-billable time to see how effective your utilization of resources is at the individual, team or organizational level.

  • Set target hours per employee
  • Tag time as billable, non billable or exempt
  • Automatically calculate utilization metrics

Automated warning alerts

If you’re managing multiple projects, attending lots of client meetings, and having to hit deadlines, it’s hard to keep on top of everything going on across your projects. Pre-built alerts and the configurable power of our workflow engine allow you to be notified ahead of time of any potential upcoming problems, including:

  • Early warning of tasks running over
  • Good to start alerts on dependent tasks
  • Your own customizable workflow alerts

Run your week from a single place

When your team needs to search for what to work on next, it’s lost time for them and lost money for you. So, we’ve brought their work week into one, easy-to-view place. Your team can now always see at a glance what work is on their plate for the week including:

  • Meetings they need to attend
  • Any items they need to action
  • Salesforce tasks & events assigned to them

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