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Jira Align FAQs

What is Jira Align?

Jira Align is an Enterprise Agile Planning platform that connects work to product, program, and portfolio management at scale. It connects and brings together all that data harmoniously so that you can get real-time, fully informed reporting across your organization.

How is it different from Jira?

While Jira connects teams, Jira Align connects teams to the business. Large enterprise organizations use it to ensure that teams can have the right visibility into real-time product roadmaps, portfolio plans, dependencies, and much more

Does it integrate with Jira?

Yes. The integration goes well beyond simple field mapping – there is logic built in that detects anomalies and sync options that allow the customer to handle inconsistent user practices. 80% of Jira Align customers use Jira at the team level, so our integration is proven to work at scale and perform robustly in the long term with years-long installations.

How is Jira Align different from Advanced Roadmaps?

Jira Align helps you solve your business agility challenges by connecting strategy to execution and measurement of outcomes. It’s built to help you improve value delivery to customers at every level of the organization across many programs and portfolios. It’s the only solution on the market that can be configured to support your choice of framework, including custom or hybrid ones. Jira Align takes you beyond real-time visibility into the work and towards true enterprise evolution and transformation.

Advanced Roadmaps help you visualize the work happening in Jira Software. It helps you create a realistic plan, manage dependencies, manage capacity, and share a visual roadmap of future releases. It’s a great fit for agile teams up to the program level.

Compare all the differences between Jira Align and Advanced Roadmaps.

What are the benefits of Jira Align?

Jira Align connects your business strategy to technical execution while providing real-time visibility. It allows enterprises to aggregate team-level data and makes all work visible across your enterprise in real time. All layers of scale are connected, and everyone can get on the same page to determine scope, roadmaps, and dependencies across teams and portfolios. You can easily connect strategic investments with customer value created to drive outcomes faster and more reliably.

How secure and scalable is Jira Align?

It was purpose-built for scale, designed to accommodate organizations the size of customers such as AT&T, Anthem, and Fidelity. Our cloud architecture scales on demand, providing consistent performance and reliability. Private cloud options are also available for organizations with specific security and compliance requirements. Our data centers utilize the latest industry standards to implement the highest physical, network, server, and application security levels. We provide data redundancy measures and thorough information security policies to ensure the integrity of your data. Our infrastructure and certified data centers have all passed the same stringent security audits applied at top financial service institutions worldwide.

What scaled agile frameworks does Jira Align support?

It offers out-of-the-box support for all the most popular scaling frameworks, such as SAFe, Scrum@Scale, Spotify, LeSS, and more. It also allows the configuration of custom, internally developed frameworks. Terminology can be customized to accommodate custom or hybrid models.

What reporting does Jira Align offer?

Out of the box, Jira Align offers over 150 reports we’ve designed over the years that specifically cater to our customer’s needs. From traditional agile team metrics to lean portfolio value insights, most of the reports you need are already built for you. For deeper insights, we offer a business intelligence solution that allows you to mash up data with other data sources using Tableau, Spotfire, or other popular visualization solutions.

What size organizations are the best fit for Jira Align?

Enterprise organizations of over 1,000 people are generally the best fit for Jira Align. You may also be a good fit for Jira Align if you:

  • Are working to align the work of teams, programs, and portfolios
  • Are working with leadership to standardize tooling and reporting across many agile teams (50+)
  • Would like to visualize and align the work of multiple programs or ARTs across your organization
  • Are connecting the work of teams to strategy and funding at the portfolio level
  • Are you using a scaled agile framework, or are you creating your own to enable an agile/digital transformation
Who are the typical users of Jira Align, and what are the benefits specific to these roles?
  • Portfolio managers: Allows them to communicate the value of funding strategic initiatives to investors, analysts, and employees
  • Executives: Connects strategy to execution to drive enterprise value of your high-level mission and vision
  • Delivery teams: Enables them to execute against sprint work that tracks back to your company’s high-level strategy
  • Program Managers and RTEs: Ensures programs run smoothly, and resources are perfectly allocated for on-time delivery
  • Product managers: Can manage idea intake, prioritize the feature backlog, and track progress with real-time roadmaps
  • Transformation teams: Drive digital transformation with a framework customized to scale agile in your enterprise