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Using Software License Management to Charge Back Costs

RightStar TeamOctober 31, 2017

Did you know that BMC Client Management has an easy solution to identify all fresh installations of your premium software titles? This allows the IT staff to quickly locate devices that have installed the software that has been entered into the license module. Using your Active Directly OU structure as the method to assign the various Locations/Departments to your selected software title makes it easy to use existing groups.  If your AD structure is not configured based on location or Departments, then you can use the LOCATION field in BCM. If that does not work for your environment, then you can assign a NEW device attribute to each device record displaying the “Charge Code”.

Using a specific query to limit the results returned to populate a report, all newly installed software is returned. Once the device has been “approved” from within the BCM console it will no longer be seen in the report.  This ensures the responsible Department/Location will be charged according to the actual installation.
Here is the process:

  1. Create the Licensed Software Entry in BCM
    1. This can be based on specific version such as Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2010
    2. Add License(s) for either each user to keep track of assigned users or a roll-up of total amount purchased.
    3. Assign Each AD OU under Device Groups (if AD structure is configured based on Financial Requirements)
  2. Assign Report to run on a schedule (Weekly or Monthly depending on size of organization)
  3. BCM Admin will “Change Status” of each device after report is run (reset so new reports will not have duplicates)
  4. Preform required paper work to charge back the proper ORG with copy of report.


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