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Remedyforce 19.01 Updates

RightStar TeamJuly 23, 2019

I was politely reminded that I hadn’t done a blog post in way too long. Things have been so busy here at RightStar that it just dropped off my radar!

So, while 19.01 has been out for quite a while, I thought I’d discuss some of the new features that came with it, in case others have been similarly busy and haven’t caught up.

Filter on the Remedyforce Console

One of everyone’s favorites is probably being able to filter the columns on the Remedyforce Console. It’s a little difficult to show because only one filter will show at a time, but below is my console filtered by Status = Open and Staff = Emma Brown. This allows you to filter across multiple columns without having to create a view. Should be very handy for busy service desks!


New SLA Dashboard

And don’t know if you noticed the new SLA Dashboard – you probably have done some Dashboards around SLA in your system but check out the one BMC developed. (Go to Dashboards and look for “SLA Dashboard: Incident and Service Request Management”. I have a screenshot below, but in a demo system I don’t quite have enough data to populate all of them, but gives you an idea of what’s on this Dashboard. Check it out on your org! might be very useful in letting people know how you’re doing!


Self-Service – approve multiple requests

Are some of your approvers getting overwhelmed with approval requests? With 19.01, they can now, in the self-service portal, approve one, some, or all the pending requests. Big time saver for your approvers!



QuickView changes; Javascript removal

And in the maybe not as exciting but important area – Starting this release, the charts in QuickViews will use the HighCharts framework instead of the FusionCharts framework that provides additional chart options. Users will not require Adobe Flash to create or view the charts and there is no additional installation required for HighCharts. Along with not needing Adobe Flash, users have more options for charts, including donut charts, 2D options for column and pie charts, and 3D options for bar charts.

Also, to prevent the rendering of JavaScript code on the Salesforce domain, all JavaScript codes on Remedyforce buttons are removed.

Are you into Benchmarking?

The 19.01 version allows you to benchmark your organization against global benchmarks. You can look at the following:

Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)

First Call Resolution %

SLA Achievement %


To learn how to set it up and how to access the Dashboard, go here:


Here’s what it looks like in my Demo org, but warning – Demo data!



Want to see the rest of the enhancements?

Here’s the page with all of the 19.01 enhancements!


Bonus for reading this far

In case you didn’t see this video on our Twitter feed, give it a look! It’s a way to do asset management using Remedyforce and RightStar’s ScanStar. Let us know what you think.


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