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Getting More Value Out Of Remedyforce

RightStar TeamApril 30, 2020
We know our customers are always trying to get more value from all the tools they use. Remedyforce is one of those tools that can be a simple ticketing system – or much more. Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Have you looked at your Remedyforce Value Adoption Dashboard?


The Value Adoption Dashboard is under Remedyforce Administration/Create Dashboards and Reports/Remedyforce Value Adoption Dashboard. Mine for my demo org is below. You haven’t looked at yours yet? Go ahead, take a look! I’ll wait!

Looks like I have some work to do on Problem Management! I click on that bar and get these suggestions:

Those are great ideas! Now I know a couple of things I can do to improve the value of my Remedyforce solution!

 How are other departments tracking their work?

 People need help from many departments, not just IT. What are HR, Facilities, Security, Legal and doing to make sure they answer all the questions in a timely fashion, that nothing gets missed, and that allows them to report on their activities? They could be using Remedyforce! With default data segregation at the Queue level, it’s easy to get these groups on. You can then implement more sharing rules if needed; you can use different form layouts/fields/categories/statuses/templates for the different groups; and they can start exposing service requests on the portal.

Here’s a video we did – it’s short! I promise – about using Remedyforce for Human Resources. Does that look useful for your organization? https://youtu.be/D28y_06PjgA

Asset Management and Configuration Management Database

If you are one of our customers who is already fully using the Configuration Management Database, Asset Management, and ScanStar – yea for you!

For those of you not quite that far along yet, how can you start getting there?

    • If you don’t already have a discovery tool you can implement Agentless Discovery. It’s included with Remedyforce! You don’t have to buy anything. This will scan your network and bring in what it can find into the CMDB. (Note: Contact us if you want to know what is actually into the CMDB.)
    • You can then expand to agent-based client management – not only discovery assets but pushing patches and products, looking at software license management, ensure compliance with corporate standards (which is maybe even more critical now that so many people are working from home)
    • And then there’s ScanStar – RightStar’s app that allows you to receive, track, verify and audit assets through bar codes and your phones or hand-held bar code devices. If that sounds interesting, do I have a video for you!


Those of you that have seen my demos know that I love Salesforce reporting! Of course, that is because it’s so easy even I can use it. But a lot of you out there are much better at reporting than I am. Did you know that you can use Crystal Reports, Tableau, Power BI, and Excel against your Remedyforce data? There are probably more tools out there – do a web search for “your favorite reporting tool and salesforce” to see if your favorite tool has an integration.

Preventive Maintenance

Can I take a minute to brag about our creative implementation consultants? As many of you know, you can absolve a series of recurring tasks or incidents in Remedyforce. You need to do something on the first of every month; set it up! As many of you ALSO know, this then creates a task or incident for all of the months included in the date range. So, if you say “I want to have recurring tasks, first of the month, for the next 12 months” – you get 12 tasks. Ok, you can screen out the future ones in your list view but… it’s not that fun.

So, our consultants came up with an answer: You have a task (check all the fire extinguishers in Building A). When you complete that task, you enter the date of the next check – one month, six weeks, whatever – enter the date (this could also be auto gauto-generatedere’s a good pattern). Our consultants then use Pentaho Kettle to auto cauto-createk a few days before that due date. Voila! No extra future tasks floating around out there. So cool. They have lots of creative solutions for other problems, so just contact us if you need them.

And Speaking of List Views

You probably know this, but in case you missed it – it’s easy to use date filters like “Last 180 Days” in your list views to keep them nice and dynamic.

And we’ve mentioned this before, but since I have your rapt attention – Field Audit Trail

Salesforce will only keep the field history data (incident history, change history, etc) for 18 months. If you need to retain that data longer (who changed what field when) you can extend that by purchasing the Field Audit Tracking add-on, or you can set up an export on a scheduled basis – our awesome consultants have that all setup and ready to implement. Call us if you need licenses for Field Audit Tracking or services for the export!

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