ScanStar for ITSM Solutions

Track your fixed assets quickly and accurately in BMC Remedy, Remedyforce, FootPrints, Client Management, Atlassian JIRA or Riada Insight with RightStar’s ScanStar barcode scanning integration

RightStar’s ScanStar makes tracking physical assets quick, easy, and accurate while eliminating the risk of human error inherent with manual tracking processes. Developed specifically to integrate with BMC Remedyforce, BMC FootPrints Service Core, BMC Remedy ITSM, Remedy Client Management, Atlassian JIRA, and Riada Insight. ScanStar barcode scanning provides a low cost, highly reliable method of ensuring database integrity, especially among movable assets as well as assets that are not easily discoverable.

ScanStar allows you to record the movement of inventory items from one location and/or user to another and provides a record of all actions associated with an item throughout its lifecycle. In addition, ScanStar complements auto-discovery software tools, which can identify inventory items but cannot always locate them or determine ownership electronically.


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ScanStar for Smartphones Edition

ScanStar for smartphones is the 3rd generation of RightStar’s existing barcode acquisition and data manipulation application for popular smartphone platforms. The smartphone version of ScanStar introduces new technology and new functionality to Apple iOS and Android OS. These operating systems are widely used on smartphones today and are being adopted by purpose-built scanner manufacturers as well (Android OS in the case of the later).

ScanStar_Smartphones1The mobile client portion of the application is the major focus of this update. ScanStar’s existing three modules are updated for the new client operating systems and are now referred to as “Workflows”. A new Audit Workflow has been added for the purposes of enhancing the current Verify workflow’s capabilities and ease of use.

Support for the following technologies has been added:

  • On-board Camera
    • Allows capture of barcode tags as well as the acquisition of images to assign to assets.


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