To be effective, and as a small company, RightStar cannot be “all things to all clients.” Cross-organizational resource and took sharing is essential for success. It requires an ecosystem of other consulting firms, large and small, as well as tool providers to help deliver a total solution. For example, RightStar teams with benchmarking consulting firms Metricent (for ITSM benchmarking) and Agility Health (for DevOps/Agile benchmarking). We also take advantage of the hundreds of plug-ins and apps in the Atlassian Marketplace that provide capabilities such as AI virtual agents of automation functionality. Integration tool sets such as Jitterbug and MuleSoft are often important pieces of a total solution. Test Automation tools are often important to delivering a go-live that has been “fully baked.” We also rely on ITSM and DevOps training consultancies and have rekationships with ITprenuers (training materials), GamingWorks (MarsLander) and G2G3 (DevOps Sim).