At RightStar, as a long -time ITSM/ITIL consultancy, we realize that ITIL alone is not enough to ensure adequate IT Service Delivery. Although over three million people now have some type of ITIL certification, what difference has that really made? We believe it has made a big difference, especially in translating knowledge into results. Delivering knowledge, like taking an ITIL class, however, is only the first step.

At RightStar, we know from experience that a shiny, new software tool set doesn’t always equal customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and lower overall costs. Sometimes the users don’t cooperate, making adoption more difficult. Additionally, some customers go for a “huge” go-live of everything rather than taking an iterative phased approach. Finally, we’ve seen ITIL/ITSM projects take years, not months, which has opened the ITSM door to DevOps/Lean Agile, ad why Gartner asserts that “DevOps is the bimodal bridge to Mode 2.” This means DevOps/Mode 2 is focused on agility, while ITIL/Mode 1 is focused on stability.

DevOps/Lean Agile is a discipline that is all about speed, faster time to market, real ones of urgency, IT modernization and doing more with less. Culture, tools and vision must now be managed alongside different processes. A single best practice is not enough. What’s needed is an integrated practice. The jury is still out on whether or not ITIL 4 is the answer, but ITIL 4 does add value steam and DevOps guiding principles. The ITIL 4 framework is the overall integrated framework that helps guide, enable and equip organizations of all types and sizes to meed the challenges of digital transformation.

RightStar’s unique selling proposition is that we are not just an ESM or ITIL consultancy, but also a Lean Agile consultancy. Only by looking at the bigger picture, is it possible to deliver on the true results promised by digital transformation.

To sum it up, RightStar differentiates itself through:

  • Thought leadership in the ESM and Lean Agile spaces
  • A commitment to “every customer a reference”
  • Exceptional employee experience