Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the new ITSM, replacing IT Service Management as a revolutionary outgrowth of the digital transformation culture. As a result of automation, AI, and non-IT applications, ESM is a more appropriate moniker than ITSM due to ITSM’s growth in importance, reach and function in the enterprise.

ITSM continues a consistent trend of growth in terms of organizational reach, influence, services offered, stakeholders served, resources available and technologies in play.  Since ESM is not yet a household name, it is still more common to reference non-IT services, like HR or Facility Management instead of the overarching ESM.   Self-service portals and automated cross departmental workflows are common RightStar customer projects.

RightStar’s framework or platform for its customers consists of BMC Helix for enterprises, and BMC Helix Remedyforce, Foortprints, and Jira Service Management for upper mid-market solutions.  Another common client initiative is getting Dev and Ops under the same umbrella, meaning the utilization of a common DevOps/PPM tool such as Jira Software along with Jira Service Management for ITSM.  Finally, and especially with BMC, RightStar offers ITSM and IT Operations Management (ITOM) tools integrated in a Single Platform, e.g., BMC Helix Monitor.

The organizational impacts as a result of ESM reads like a page out of the ITIL 4 or DevOps Handbook: improved IT/business alignment, greater collaboration across functions, and increased emphasis on employee experience.