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Based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, RightStar targets the Federal, State and Local Governments, commercial mid-market, and Enterprise spaces. Currently about 65% of our business is with the Federal Government. RightStar’s focus on ESM/ITSM/DevSecOps, and on its partnerships with which include Atlassian, Aha!, BMC, and Nlyte, have resulted in steady growth for more than 17 years.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the new ITSM, replacing IT Service Management as a revolutionary outgrowth of the digital transformation culture. As a result of automation, AI, and non-IT applications, ESM is a more appropriate moniker than ITSM due to ITSM’s growth in importance, reach and function in the enterprise.

ITSM continues a consistent trend of growth in terms of organizational reach, influence, services offered, stakeholders served, resources available and technologies in play.  Since ESM is not yet a household name, it is still more common to reference non-IT services, like HR or Facility Management instead of the overarching ESM.   Self-service portals and automated cross departmental workflows are common RightStar customer projects.

RightStar’s framework or platform for its customers consists of BMC Helix for enterprises, and BMC Helix Remedyforce, Foortprints, and Jira Service Management for upper mid-market solutions.  Another common client initiative is getting Dev and Ops under the same umbrella, meaning the utilization of a common DevOps/PPM tool such as Jira Software along with Jira Service Management for ITSM.  Finally, and especially with BMC, RightStar offers ITSM and IT Operations Management (ITOM) tools integrated in a Single Platform, e.g., BMC Helix Monitor.

The organizational impacts as a result of ESM reads like a page out of the ITIL 4 or DevOps Handbook: improved IT/business alignment, greater collaboration across functions, and increased emphasis on employee experience.

Technically, RightStar is not a managed service provider; instead, RightStar offers comprehensive ESM remote administration services for users of Atlassian and BMC software products. As a leading provider of Atlassian and BMC solutions, RightStar has the expertise to help organizations get to the maximum benefit from Atlassian or BMC software. Subscribers to RightStar’s remote administration program receive priority access to a Senior Systems Consultant, and benefit from RightStar’s supervision and guidance at all levels. Additionally, RightStar’s remote administration consultants are US citizens and hold Federal security clearances.

Since our inception, approximately 65% of our business has been with agencies of the Federal Government. For example, we are currently upgrading a large Remedy ITSM system to the current version in preparation for a move to the cloud. We will also soon be staring a Remedy on-prem migration to the BMC Helix FedRAMP cloud for the Joint Strike Fighter. We are also working with the Air Force AOC under Raytheon to support a large enterprise Jira Service Management Certification.

RightStar has a DOD Top Secret Facility Security Clearance, and 90% of our consultants have Secret or Top Secret clearances. Every consultant RightStar onboard goes through security awareness training, Security Plus Certifications, along with specific partner Professional Certification.

RightStar’s facility security officer provides regular security training and updates. Sample required training classes include: Insider Thread Case Study, Insider Threat: Resilience and Annual Security Briefing. By ensuring our staff maintains their training and clearances, we mitigate the risk of any security breaches and mishaps.

RightStar offers DevOps solutions to assist companies to drive down costs, enhance the customer experience and improve operational processes. RightStar. RightStar’s objective is to assist organizations to move quickly towards a ore DevOps centered IT culture. DevOps organizations experience increased competitive advantages, enabling faster time to market, increased customer satisfaction, and employee productivity.

RightStar provides DevOps advisory services focused on four primary areas within IT: Culture, organization, processes and tools. Since there are no prescribed DevOps patterns and practices, implementations vary. RightStar relies on its experience with other organizations and previous best practice experience to provide you with a solution tailored to a company’s needs.

Additionally, RightStar advisory services for DevOps rollout is based upon the following phases of the software development lifecycle.

  • Plan. Requirements, resource management, capacity planning and assigning levels of effort based on either Story points or hours to complete a task.
  • Build. Staging the code in an automated way, have automated peer reviews for good coding practices, collaborating with the teams to deliver information accurately and efficiently to change approval boards, and testing groups.
  • Continuous Integration. Defined branching and merging, automated testing based on defined branches, and traceability.
  • Development. Use an automation tool or tools to help with development.
  • Operate. Server monitoring and application performance monitoring should be automated incident, change, and problem tracking.
  • Continuous Feedback. Better products through user feedback.

RightStar, a division of XTIVA, is an ESM/ITSM/ITIL and Dev/Ops Lean-Agile Portfolio Management consultancy, and BMC, Nlyte and Atlassian Solution provider.  We proved best-in-class ESM/ITSM implementation through consulting focused on configuration, integration and training.  We also provide Agile coaching and DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management consulting and advisory services.  As an Atlassian partner, we bring a wealth of knowledge on implementations and strategies around the Atlassian tools suite, such as Jira and Confluence.  Additionally, we offer Jira Align process consulting to portfolio and program managers to help organizations realize value from Lean-Agile at Scale transformations.

RightStar’s ScanStar is a barcode scanning software plug-in for iOS and Android devices, developed specifically to integrate with BMC Remedyforce, BMC FootPrints Service Core, BMC Helix ITSM, BMC Client Management, and Atlassian Jira Service Management. ScanStar barcode scanning provides a low cost, highly reliable method of ensuring database integrity, especially among movable assets as well as assets that are not easily discoverable.

ScanStar allows organizations to record the movement of inventory items from one location and/or user to another and provides a record of all actions associated with an item throughout its lifecycle. In addition, ScanStar complements auto-discovery software tools, which can identify inventory items but cannot always locate them, or determine ownership electronically.

ScanStar can be enhanced to support integrations to other configuration management toolsets.

RightStar targets the commercial mid-market, Enterprise, State and Local Government, as well as Federal Government spaces. Specific focus areas include ESM/ITSM consulting, design and implementation of Service Desk, Change Management and Configuration Management solutions and DevOps, Application Lifecycle Management, Lean Agile and Agile coaching/SAFe consulting and advisory services.

At RightStar, as a long -time ITSM/ITIL consultancy, we realize that ITIL alone is not enough to ensure adequate IT Service Delivery. Although over three million people now have some type of ITIL certification, what difference has that really made? We believe it has made a big difference, especially in translating knowledge into results. Delivering knowledge, like taking an ITIL class, however, is only the first step.

At RightStar, we know from experience that a shiny, new software tool set doesn’t always equal customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and lower overall costs. Sometimes the users don’t cooperate, making adoption more difficult. Additionally, some customers go for a “huge” go-live of everything rather than taking an iterative phased approach. Finally, we’ve seen ITIL/ITSM projects take years, not months, which has opened the ITSM door to DevOps/Lean Agile, ad why Gartner asserts that “DevOps is the bimodal bridge to Mode 2.” This means DevOps/Mode 2 is focused on agility, while ITIL/Mode 1 is focused on stability.

DevOps/Lean Agile is a discipline that is all about speed, faster time to market, real ones of urgency, IT modernization and doing more with less. Culture, tools and vision must now be managed alongside different processes. A single best practice is not enough. What’s needed is an integrated practice. The jury is still out on whether or not ITIL 4 is the answer, but ITIL 4 does add value steam and DevOps guiding principles. The ITIL 4 framework is the overall integrated framework that helps guide, enable and equip organizations of all types and sizes to meed the challenges of digital transformation.

RightStar’s unique selling proposition is that we are not just an ESM or ITIL consultancy, but also a Lean Agile consultancy. Only by looking at the bigger picture, is it possible to deliver on the true results promised by digital transformation.

To sum it up, RightStar differentiates itself through:

  • Thought leadership in the ESM and Lean Agile spaces
  • A commitment to “every customer a reference”
  • Exceptional employee experience

RightStar’s transformational consulting focuses on the education and adoption of the ITIL and SAFe frameworks, which supports continuous service improvement, enhances productivity, and provides transparency and accountability to the operation and support of the IT enterprise. A transformational consulting engagement begins with an assessment of the organization’s current level of adoption.

A transformational assessment is critical for organizations wishing to advance process maturity for the purpose of improving IT service delivery responsiveness, maintaining consistent levels of service, and increasing your customers’ satisfaction. RightStar’s Transformational Assessment results in an actionable roadmap that begins with where and organization that can provide the most significant return on a service management investment. RightStar conducts an analysis of current IT service management processes and makes specific recommendations in the form of an actionable roadmap that is based on the ITIL and SAFe frameworks and industry standard good practices.

BMC: Anne Brock, pre-sales consultant. [email protected]

Atlassian: Alan Reynolds, pre-sales consultant. [email protected]

Jira Align, Aha!, Agile Coaching: Jennifer Hill, Director Agile Operations. [email protected]

Nlyte: Sean Melick, PM. [email protected]

To be effective, and as a small company, RightStar cannot be “all things to all clients.” Cross-organizational resource and took sharing is essential for success. It requires an ecosystem of other consulting firms, large and small, as well as tool providers to help deliver a total solution. For example, RightStar teams with benchmarking consulting firms Metricent (for ITSM benchmarking) and Agility Health (for DevOps/Agile benchmarking). We also take advantage of the hundreds of plug-ins and apps in the Atlassian Marketplace that provide capabilities such as AI virtual agents of automation functionality. Integration tool sets such as Jitterbug and MuleSoft are often important pieces of a total solution. Test Automation tools are often important to delivering a go-live that has been “fully baked.” We also rely on ITSM and DevOps training consultancies and have rekationships with ITprenuers (training materials), GamingWorks (MarsLander) and G2G3 (DevOps Sim).

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