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Live Webinars

How to Run IT Support the DevOps Way

December 18, 2019   |   2 PM ET   1 PM CT   11 AM PT

Adding DevOps principles to your IT support processes dramatically improves service quality, team morale, problem-solving, and business productivity.

Join us for this timely webinar as IT expert Alan Reynolds shows you how to apply DevOps principles to IT support. Alan will guide you through the basic principles of DevOps and give you examples of how other organizations like yours have successfully integrated DevOps into their workflows.

You’ll walk away with the building blocks to make your support team more agile and responsive.


An Introduction to Implementing SAFe®

January 22, 2020   |   2 PM ET   1 PM CT   11 AM PT

Scaling Lean-Agile Practices to the Enterprise Level

Hundreds of organizations have implemented the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), a proven framework for scaling Lean, Agile, and DevOps across the enterprise.

Join us as Jenine Wech, Agile Transformation Coach at RightStar, introduces you to the concepts and practices of SAFe. She’ll show you how SAFe can help you:

• Achieve faster time-to market;
• Increase productivity and quality;
• Motivate and engage employees;
• Integrate thought leadership from Lean systems thinking, product development flow, scrum, Kanban, and team building;
• Continuously and more efficiently deliver value on a regular and predictable schedule;
• And much more!


Using Atlassian Tools to Implement DevOps in Your Organization

February 19, 2020   |   2 PM ET   1 PM CT   11 AM PT

Join us as we explore the Atlassian tools that enable you to practice DevOps more efficiently and effectively in your organization.

In 60 minutes or less, Derek Fields, RightStar’s DevOps Guru, will take you from beginning to end of how you can improve your own DevOps practices using the Atlassian toolset as well as share valuable tips and techniques for improving your DevOps processes and culture. Derek will lead you through the DevOps cycle from Planning to Development, Build, Deploy and Operate utilizing the integrated Atlassian toolset. You will see how the DevOps process can speed delivery, improve quality and delight your customers.