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Live Webinars

Introduction to BMC Helix Monitoring Live Webinar

Sept 23, 2020   |   2 PM ET   1 PM CT   11 AM PT

Join Mike and the RightStar team as we walk you through everything you need to know about BMC Helix Monitoring.

Features & Benefits

  • Saas Deployment
  • Cloud Native
  • Open APIs
  • Fast Deployment & Upgrades
  • Enterprise-grade High Availability
  • Large-scale Data & Event Ingestion
  • High performance event management

Transformational ITOM

  • Speed and Streamline IT Operations Processes
  • Detect, analyze and act on all events from a single solution
  • Speed MTTR
  • Resolve Events Faster
  • Support the Digital Business with Optimized Performance


ITSM DevOps Integration Live Webinar

Sept 30, 2020   |   2 PM ET   1 PM CT   11 AM PT

Bringing DevOps principles into your IT service and engineering teams is proven to dramatically improve service quality, team morale, problem-solving, and business productivity. In fact, companies that adopt DevOps principles report an average of 45% higher customer satisfaction, 43% higher employee productivity, 41% improvement on defect rates, and 38% less IT-related costs.

With stats like those, integrating DevOps principles into IT service management is a big win for companies. But it can also sound like a complicated change for teams. The good news? It’s not as complicated as it may seem and Derek Fields will walk you through the integration process. The keys to higher-performing services are so simple, they might surprise you.



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