Remedyforce Templates are a simple way to define process flow without needing to code anything. One of the little know features built into the application is a way to apply a template to an incident from a workflow rule. This allows for an even greater level of automation as you can now update status, assignment, or any field by applying a template. The way it works is, Remedyforce supplies a text field called Template.
Simply enter the name of the template and save, Remedyforce does the rest.
This example will show how to automatically assign an Incident to the Network Queue whenever the Network Category is selected.
Before getting started to make this work, under General Application Settings both Template Settings need to be active.
1. Create a new Incident Template that has a Queue mapping for the Owner Id.
2. Create a workflow rule using the Category~ field as the criteria.
3. Create a Field Update Action for the workflow rule. Set the Field to Update to Template Name. Under Specify New Field Value, select Use a formula to set the new value. In the textbox put the name of the template between double quotes.
4. Now its time to test how this works, create a new Incident and set the category to Network.
5. The Owner should now be set to the Network Queue.
by Collin Parker, RightStar Systems