I received some awesome information from Tom Whitfield today and thought I would share.
This article is specific to his use case but will work for any field modification or correction outside of the Form Designer interface.
NOTE: Working directly with the JSON file is potentially destructive and could cause you to lose access to all of the fields and thus the data in your workspace. Neither I, nor RightStar Systems is responsible for any data loss that you may encounter by following this guide. Use at your own risk.

How to change the number of decimal places on an existing real number field in Footprints:

  1. Open the workspace form in Form Designer. Save the form as Draft. DO NOT PUBLISH THE FORM!
  2. Go to C:FootPrintsServiceCoredbMASTERxMRFBDesignData.json
  3. Make a backup of this file.
  4. Open this file with Notepad.
  5. Copy the entire contents of this file.
  6. Go to http://jsoneditoronline.org
  7. Clear out the “Hello World” app on the left hand pane.
  8. Paste the contents of the .json file onto the left hand side.
  9. Click the right arrow:


  10. Go to the Fields object. Expand it out.
  11. Find the field name you want to modify and expand it.
  12. Find the Length attribute and modify it.
  13. You will see two items: scale and precision. Scale is the number of places after the decimal.
  14. Change the scale to whatever value you wish.
  15. Click the Left arrow. This will expand the file info in the left hand pane.
  16. Click the Collapse button:


  17. Copy the text in the left pane.
  18. Go back to Footprints and close out of form designer by closing the browser window or clicking on Home. DO NOT PUBLISH THE FORM!
  19. Replace the contents of the FBDesignData.json file with the information pasted from the JSON editor.
  20. Save the file.
  21. Go to SQL and run the following query, where ‘x’ is the workspace number in Footprints :

    from FBLayout

    where WsID =

  22. Open Form Designer in Footprints.
  23. The new decimal point value is now displayed for the field.

Thank you, Tom, for this very helpful information.
 by Evans Martin, RightStar Systems