Did you know that BMC Client Management can also secure your Linux and OS X devices? Most of the conversations about patching deals with Microsoft Windows devices but Client Management can keep your Linux and OS X devices securely patched also!
Let’s first address OS X devices.  Client Management has a built in Operational Rule that was specifically designed for OS X operating systems. This step has the ability to either specify specific patches or simply apply all recommended patches. Let’s take a look at what the end user sees  when there are “Updates” available.

The user may or may not be alerted when there are updates available depending on configuration and if that user has “checked” for updates recently. Notice the red circle with a number 1 hovering over the App Store Icon? If the user clicks on that icon and then clicks on the Updates link they would see this screen:

As IT Admins we are not reliant upon the user performing the update as we can now assign an Operational Rule that will perform the check and, if an update is available, we run the update.

This is the log from the device after the process has run on the end point:

This rule can be scheduled to check every week to ensure that your OS X devices stay up to date and have all the recommended updates installed!
Next, let’s review the process for checking for security updates on Linux devices. Client Management does not have a specific step pre-created to perform these updates out of the box like we do for MACs. We can run a command locally however and achieve the same goal. Here is the step that works on CentOS builds.

As a second step, run the update software step to review what was actually updated:

Click on the above image to see larger size in a new window

You can also schedule these updates to occur on a regular basis to keep your Linux devices current. This Process would eliminate a lot of tedious work that a lot of admins are doing today.

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