Did you know . . . that Footprints Asset Core v 11.5 can import non-IP assets such as Server Racks, HVAC, Office Furniture, Projectors, or any other items that needs to be tracked for inventory and accounting reasons. Do you have existing records that detail any or all of the following: PO #, PO Date, Invoice #, Unit Cost, Depreciation Duration, Depreciation Type, Vendor, Vendor Contact Information, Date put into Service, Warranty Expiration Date, Service Expiration Date, Assigned Property Manager, Assigned Customer, Location of Asset and additional comments/notes? These assets can be quickly imported into the system.

Mapping Feilds

Easy Field Mapping for importing assets.

Importing Data

Adding new assets or updating existing records is user friendly.

Doing so allows property managers to have a single source of authority to maintain accurate information about fixed capitol assets.  Monthly reports can then be sent to finance or other interested stake holders detailing current depreciation, location, etc. of each asset.
New Device Group of imported assets

Organizing this data is simple.

Send Monthly Reports in a CSV format.

Send Monthly Reports in a CSV format.

Did you also know . . . that organizational IT compliance or security officers no longer need to worry about the patch statuses of laptops that never return to the WAN or stay on the VPN network for too short a time to patch.  With the communications technology used by Footprints Asset Core to “relay” inventory information including patch status, enterprises can now effectively deploy security patches or other critical software to remote laptops that ensures corporate compliance, thus reducing any potential liability.  Having the ability to manage devices over the Internet greatly reduces the potential for lengthy customer downtime or unscheduled required trips to office locations where “hands on” support would otherwise be required.  By utilizing “Remote Control” or “Direct Access” over the Internet, enterprises can also provide more first call resolutions, improving productivity for those users requiring IT Technical Services while not on the corporate network.
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by Steve Gibbs, RightStar Systems