Footprints Asset Core has the ability to allow additional details to Software Inventory. If your company has the requirement to see Software version details down to the build number then you can choose to make this change either Globally or only to the software manufacturer.
Here is how to modify FPAC to accomplish this change:

Globally (all software titles)

  • Go to Global Settings > Inventory Filters
  • Create New Filter under Software
  • Expand until you see cleaning filters
  • Locate the one titled “Only keep the first two parts in version”
  • On the right pane click on the “Modify Tag”
  •  Replace the values with these:
    • ^([^.]*)\.([^.]*)\.([^.]*)\.([^.]*)\(.*)
    • \1.\2.\3.\4


  • Save the changes
  • Assign to a Test Device
    • Wait until the object is assigned then go to that device and preform an “Audit Now” located in the Inventory pane on the right side.
    • Software will take the longest so be patient
    • Once completed review the version information to ensure you have configured this correctly.
    • Assign to “all Client Devices”
    • After 24 hours the devices that have reported Inventory will have updated. (Red Icon Devices will not report new version details until they check back in)


How to only change specific software titles (by manufacturer)

  • Follow same steps as above but this time click on the second tab titled “Match Tag”
  • Add the software manufactures you wish to EXCLUDE from this cleaning filter
  • The format MUST be followed exactly
    • Use the BAR (“|” ) to separate Manufactures
    • Use the asterisk as a wildcard (“*”) on either side of entry
    • Make sure there is a period (“.”) before and after the asterisk.
    • Enclose the entry using parenthesis (.*Microsoft*.)
    • Do not replace/delete the default values that are currently in that field
    • Example of adding Microsoft
      • (.*Numara.*)|(.*Criston.*)|(.*Microsoft*.)