Most, if not all, IT companies agree that hacking will only get more prevalent in the coming years. Companies “must” fight this growing threat with both offensive and defensive measures.
BMC Client Management has a great defensive measure available using “Patch Management”.  This solution can keep devices fully patched for  Microsoft products as well as third party software like Adobe, Flash, Java, Firefox, Chrome, and Real Player. The entire list can be found at the end of this article.
In addition to patching devices you can fully manage these devices so organizations that have yet to remove the local user from the administrators group, now it is possible! No longer will you be held hostage to user complaints that they require full admin rights to manage their devices. This will provide you with a first line of defense by removing this high level of privilege that keeps malicious software from getting a foothold into your enterprise.
But what can you do to be OFFENSIVE in your fight against these hackers? Let’s be honest and admit that if a hacker wants in, they typically can find a way. Even in the most secured domains, hacks do occur, such as in the DoD space. So what can you do to protect your data? Consider using BMC Client Management to launch other third party tools that are required to run on the local machine to backup your user’s data.

What is Migration Manager?

Migration Manager Dashboard

Migration Manager is a tool set that allows the IT staff to fully back up configuration files and user data to a share. READ MORE
Client Management has the ability to schedule and launch this application on your targeted end points. Not only can this tool provide the solution to “Migrate” user data and configurations from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 10 PC but you can also maintain a running backup of your high level executives.
Here is a use case scenario that I am sure if we are being honest we all hope this will never happen in our shop:

  • The Sr. VP of Marketing calls the help desk (more than likely the CIO) to report they have just gotten a virus. Their voice reflects the state of panic they are experiencing as they have very time sensitive information stored locally and NOT saved on their home-share. A new marketing campaign is set to launch in two weeks and this data needs to go to print and uploaded to the External Web Site. You continue to find out more information and learn that your Sr. VP has been infected with Ransom Ware.  Do you pay the $300+ dollars to regain access to these files?

If you had Migration Manager set to “Backup” user files and Configuration Settings then there is no need to panic. Simply use OS Deployment to re-image this PC and use Software Deployment to push out all the required software packages assigned to this user. Put this newly imaged PC in a Patch Job that is set to run daily and “anytime” to fully patch this device and finally RESTORE the device using BCM to launch Migration Manager. Typically, this device would be fully restored in less that 2 hours, including required patches. There is no need to pay these Black Hat villains. We can fight back!

BMC Client Management Console

No longer does the CIO or IT Managers need to worry about the scenario from above. If you have the right tools and you understand how to manage these tools then there is a solution that will allow you and the rest of the staff to be assured that your user’s data and configurations are safely backed up and no need to dust of your resume!
Please contact your RightStar Sales person if you are interested in learning more about Migration Manager or adding functionality to your BMC Client Management solution with “Patch Management” or “Software Deployment.”*
Complete List of Products BMC Client Management Patches:

Product Family Name
.Net Framework, 7-zip, Adobe, AOL Inc, Apache, Apple, AT&T, Autodesk, BizTalk Server, Blackberry, CAPICOM, CCleaner, CDBurnerXP, Citrix, Classic Shell, Commerce Server, Content Management Server, CoreFTP, DirectX, EMC, Firefox, Flash, Forefront Client Security, Foxit Corporation, FrontPage Server Extensions, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Host Integration Server, IIS, Internet Explorer, ISA Server, Java Virtual Machine, LibreOffice, MDAC Components, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Forefront, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Windows Media Services, MSN Messenger, MSXML, Notepad++, Nullsoft, Opera Software ASA, Oracle OpenOffice.Org, Other, PDFCreator, PDF-XChange, PowerGUI, Rarlab, Real Player, RealVNC Free Edition, SCCM, SharePoint, Skype, Small Business, Sourceforge.Net, SQL Server, Step By Step Interactive Training, Sun Java, TightVNC, TortoiseSVN, UltraVNC, Virtual PC, Visio, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual FoxPro, Visual Studio, VMware, Windows 10, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Defender, Windows Embedded, Windows Home, Windows Hyper-V, Windows Media Player, Windows MultiPoint, Windows NT, Windows Search, Windows Server, Windows Small Business, Windows Storage, Windows Vista, Windows Web, Windows XP, WinZip, Wireshark Foundation, WSUS, Yahoo Messenger, Zimbra

*Software Deployment Module is required to launch Migration Manager on a regular schedule to ensure backups stay current.