Client Management has the ability to use custom queries or you can use the easy “Query Builder” (default).  Sometimes it will be required to use a custom query, BCM calls it “Free Query”, to accomplish the desired results.
I created a document in the BMC Communities for Client Management that will help you understand the process. In the example, I am “CONVERTING” a string to a DATE field so I can use a dynamic date. BCM captures the “Last Reboot” value using a WMI query for the class “Operating System”. I want to use the value of “< 1 week”. This query will also show devices that have not rebooted in more than 1 week. Here is the SQL to accomplish this method:
(CONVERT(datetime,OperatingSystem.ATTR_597030) < DATEADD(week, -1,GetUTCDate())

Here is the link to the full article I posted that fully explains the process:
Last Reboot – Free Query (Using Dynamic Date)