Did you know…

  • BMC Client Management can display all VMs configured to a host (Windows or Linux host)
  • BMC Client Management provides the state of those VMs (Started, Stopped, Paused)
  • BMC Client Management provides the ability to change the state of assigned VMs (Shut Down, Start, Pause, Resume)
  • BMC Client Management works for ESX Hosts, Windows Hypervisors, and VMWare Workstation.

The ability to perform this management is available under our “Inventory” functionality. I believe this is one of the most under utilized element within the BMC Client Management Suite. Consider these use case scenarios:

  1. Validate VMs are running prior to “Patch Window” begins to ensure all devices are patched.
    • Turn on those devices from the BMC CM GUI prior to patch window beginning.
    • Pause all running VMs prior to host being patched and rebooted.
    • Resume those paused VMs after host is rebooted using this single interface
  2. Provides a simple method to view all running VMs per host (Load)
  3. Verify compliance, no unauthorized VMs running on WAN
  4. Allow Level 1 Support Tech to DEV VM HOST(S) to manage state of VMs
    • This feature would allow lower level technicians the ability to “Start” QA or DEV VMs upon request without the need for a Server Admin to perform this low level function.
    • Upon completion of “testing” the Technician can “Stop” or “Pause” these VMs.
  5. V-Center does not manage VMWare Workstations where BMC Client Management does.

BMC Client Management combines  the granularity of permissions, ability to have a single interface, and ability to manage VMs running under VMWare Workstation, Client Management offers a true alternative to ease the burden of infrastructure and security management.

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Steve Gibbs
Sr. Systems Consultant
RightStar Systems